All the phone numbers of each massage teachers are not opened, you can contact them after reservation with webmaster. After first contact to each teachers you can contact them in person. 






Time is not important in massage but the skill is required. the longer a cook make dishes , the worse he is,  so we can't do it long.

*All the money must be payed in advance for outcall or incall for massage teachers excepet no.1[manager]  Refund is not available. Please decide it carefully. [Manager requires 10,000won for reservation and you may pay rest 50,000won at shop. but other teachers get whole money when a reservation.]



Masseur no 1. [webmaster Seoul]

Born 1967 Korean 178cm 73kg Career 25years  



No. 43 Seoul East

Born 1993 Korean 173cm 71kg

Incall available.  Finished lesson. 




No. 42(Busann Southwest)


Born 1988 Korean 165cm 72kg

Incall available.  Finished lesson.

This massage teacher sets price separately from MASSAGE KOREA.COM 100,000W for 90min.

Sat. 2pm~7pm[Starting time]


No. 41(Yeongdeungpo Seoul)


Born 1970 Korean 165cm 78kg

Incall available.  Finished lesson.


Except Thu. Fri. 1pm~10pm[starting time]
WAXING [Wax is used,  5~70,000w. Inquire directly after massage reservation]

No 21[Jeonlado Gwangju]

BORN 1983 170cm 73kg

Finished lesson.



No. 6(South Gyunggi)Korean

1978 162cm 65kg

Sat, Sun After 6pm availble

Finished lesson.



Below is temporily quit masseurs

not available



No 45 Male click moive

No 14[Busan]

BORN 1985 165cm 63kg 
temporarily quit

Finished lesson.

Only Incall available. 10am~11pm [ starting time ]



No. 2 Korean temporarily quit


No. 4 Korean temporarily quit


No.40  Temporarily quit  





  Bank account will be text you

PHONE: 010 8464 4669

Text as possible please.

No phone available if busy.

All the messages in Korea can be traced by police. Do not inquire any ileagal 'FUN' contents including sexual things.


FAQ : What if I get hard during a massage? 

Hard on during a massage is welcome but penis massage is not included.

Gay clients are welcome but sexual service is not included.

Couple clinets are welcome but swinging service is not included.

You may inquire at shop but this does not mean you accept it.


   LGBT friendly shop



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