Notice :  18th Oct. 2023  Webmaster Massage shop is moved to Nonhyundong.

How to come.


Suway No 9 line Sin nonhyun station 2 miutes walk. Detailed map will be texted you after reservation

Free Parking but sometimes not availbale, use subway as possible.

2 massage beds. 2clients may enter but it's one masseur shop, one client should wait. [2clients or awaiters massager 10,000w is served for free]
Or you may make a reservation 2 masseurs but they are not available all the time. Verify their schedule on MSSR page please.

As well as massage we provide art and nude croquis lesson. Art lesson clients are separated from massage clients though you don't ask for it.

Shower available

Reservation 010 8464 4669

Text us and I'll send you account by text and send money 10,000won at any bank in Korea. Just show text I sent  you to a person in charge in the bank and she will transfer it.











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